Monday, March 7, 2011

thats life :)(:

there are so many things going on in my life right now.a lot of tutorials to do,a lot of revision that still need to be done,friendship matter,and many more.i hope i have the strength for all this.
only a few weeks left until pspm,that would be the end of my studies in kms.but u know,they say we never stop is all about learning.tempat and masa je yg berubah,right?
i hope God will always be by my side.i pray that He will lead me to a good path.

i wont give up.everything that happens to me,i know theres a reason for it to happen.
we cry,we scream,we curse for the bad things.we laugh,we smile,we love the good things that come to us.when is it the time for us to be grateful for every single thing?whether it is the best or the worst for us.

*it is a piece of advice for all of us including myself.but whatever it is,thats life :DD
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