Sunday, February 24, 2013


Assalamualaikum and good day :)

What i want to tell about is what i just went through recently.

(**Attention! : this entry consists of a few geli2 thingy, so be careful :D )

Baru2 ni i went through a minor operation. Disebabkan ada ketulan dalam hidung belah kanan, which is called as Polyp. Haa tak pernah dgr kan? 

This is what i found about Polyp on the internet.. (sbg general knowledge utk korang)

polyp is an abnormal growth of tissue projecting from mucous membrane. 
Polyps are commonly found in the colon, stomachnose, sinus(es), urinary bladder and uterus. They may also occur elsewhere in the body where mucous membranes exist like the cervix, vocal folds, and small intestine.

How did i first know about it?

Actually tak tau pun ada benda polyp ni dlm hidung. I only have resdung since i was in high school untill now. but since i got into UTM the disease was getting worse. Sampai terkeluar darah, bersin non stop. Mmg rasa seksa sangat. Since keluar darah hitam tu dah mula takut. Sejak dkt UTM jugak i noticed i couldn't breath normally. Selalu tersumbat sblh lubang hidung. At first buat tak tau je until one day teringin nak suluh dlm lubang hidung yg tersumbat ni.


Time tulah pemula segalanya. haha i saw there's a thing blocked my right nostril. Bila balik rumah me and my dad went to hospital to get explanation about it. Dari situ barulah tau ada penyakit nama Polyp. Polyp ni kalau dibiarkan membesar blh kena cancer actually.
Time jumpa doctor tu dia ada suluh my nose and put it on screen. Here you go bawah ni is the ketulan in my nose :)

Ni apa yang  nmpk bila suluh dr depan. blkg2 tu xtau byk mana kan. so terpaksa buat ct scan nk tgk dlm2 lagi before buat operation. 

The Day

The first day i was admitted to the hospital. Kena stay dkt ward satu mlm before operation the next morning.

So mlm tu rasa sgt B.O.R.I.N.G so i spent time reading this book called Find Out Who's Normal & Who's Not. :)

 The next day. The operation day. Takut and seram sejuk mengira masa.
Ni lah baju yg nurse tu bagi suruh mia pakai masuk bilik bedah nnti haha and it turned out to be like thisss


Time masuk bilik bedah tu ya Allah seram sgt. Betapa ngerinya tgk bilik dia dgn alat perkakas bedah dia yg banyak. Doctor 2 org, nurse 3 org for my operation. Tp nasib baik doc tu friendly, borak mcm2 doc tu tanya mcm2. Then tau2 dia inject bius haha. 
After that, sedut gas then mmg terus pengsan tak sedar apa dh. Mia masuk bilik bedah 10.30pagi smpi 12.00tghari keluar :) 

Bila sedar dari operation tu mmg dh Alhamdulillah semua selamat. Tp my condition was worse.   

The picture above is right after the operation.
After the operation, i stayed in ward for 3 days. Mmg terbaring je atas katil. 3 hari kt sana ramai yg dtg melawat. Saudara mara, kwn2. Thank you to those who came to visit :)
And mia rasa terharu sgt Lokman hari2 dtg and jaga mia. Terima kasih Lokman :))

As i'm writing this entry, i'm fully recovered from it. Alhamdulillah :)

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