Friday, June 28, 2013

Into You, and Will Always Be

Years back then 
Where all i knew about you was only your name

Starting a bit by bit to get deeper
Deeper in conversation
Deeper in knowing feelings

We started to put our hearts in every little thing that we did
Morning until night we never missed
To fill each other's time with bliss

People said we would not last
Time envied my faith got faded
As I'd never been thrown that kind of thing at before

What's around us was what built us up
All those faith pieces were put together
No one could ever know how much i was in love with you

Until now
The feelings have never changed
Yet getting stronger and wiser

With the pray that we could last
To the love and honesty that we trust
We put aside all the past

Years have passed by
Capturing every moment of us into mind
No one could ever know how much I am in love with you
Into you and will always be is what I leave in God's hands

(Source: miazulkarnain)

Be the same or learn?

Circles, we’re going in circles
Dizzy is all it makes us
We know where it takes us
We've been before
Closer, maybe looking closer
There's more to discover
Find out what went wrong without blaming each other

Think that we got more time
When we're falling behind
Gotta make up our minds

Or else we'll play all the same old games
And we wait for the end to change
And we take it for granted that we’ll be the same
But we're making all the same mistakes

Wake up, we both need to wake up
Maybe if we face up to this
We can make it through this
Closer, maybe we'll be closer
Stronger than we were before
Make this something more

That's what crazy is
When it's broken, you say there's nothing to fix
And you pray and pray that everything will be okay
While you're making all the same mistakes

Don't look back
But if we don't look back
We’re only learning then
How to make all same mistakes again

Photos Sharing 1 : MASC April 2013

MASC April 2013 was held in UM for 4 days.
And here you go, the pictchaaaa!!

Day 1

My lucky day ♥ 

Day 2

Early morning, toothpaste commercial break haha 

Not just concert needs tickets, even workshop does.

Eyes therapy before the speaker came in. 

She's one of the orphanages at Rumah HOPE :)

She wants to become a pharmacist in the future.

Glad to have met her :') May her achieve her dream.

Day 3

We're ready for Accounting Race!

MASC Dinner!

I got the cert!! 

Day 4

This was the best forum ever!

The end of MASC 13.

Goodbye! :D

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