Friday, June 28, 2013

Photos Sharing 1 : MASC April 2013

MASC April 2013 was held in UM for 4 days.
And here you go, the pictchaaaa!!

Day 1

My lucky day ♥ 

Day 2

Early morning, toothpaste commercial break haha 

Not just concert needs tickets, even workshop does.

Eyes therapy before the speaker came in. 

She's one of the orphanages at Rumah HOPE :)

She wants to become a pharmacist in the future.

Glad to have met her :') May her achieve her dream.

Day 3

We're ready for Accounting Race!

MASC Dinner!

I got the cert!! 

Day 4

This was the best forum ever!

The end of MASC 13.

Goodbye! :D

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