Sunday, May 30, 2010

KMS rocks!! Part II.

KMS oh KMS!!!
my new family,my new home,my new life :D
Living in KMS makes me realise that my life is really moving forward.
So i shouldnt look backward.
Day by day,im trying to be a better me in KMS while forgetting all the 'pain' that i got through in the past.the past has really made me strong.& im thankful for that. (^_^)
Now im happy bcoz i have my family && my friends(kwn yg sgt rapat,kwn dkt KMS,kwn kpd kwn saya haha,i love u guys<3)
I have who else do i need?hee..
oh yes! i need no one but them.HAHA
You know ppl always say,time heals everything.i agree with that.
Thats what i really feel.& i really hope this feeling will last.(^_^)
lots of love,XOXO

Sunday, May 16, 2010

KMS rocks!!

i just finished my orientation.dekat kolej matrikulasi selangor(KMS for short).leganye...
it was first mcm seksa la jgk.but then dh rasa best gile.haha
KMS is the latest matriks for kire kitorg the first batch there.hee xtau nk rasa bangga or tak?ntahla..haha

Here are a few photos of KMS.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New New!!

u guys!
im new here.i just made this im getting used of it.i cant believe i have my own blog right now.sbb dulu mmg dh ckp xnk buat blog pn.malas.but terbuat pulak.hee
bcoz im living a new life right i guess i need something this,having a is to keep me busy.kan?i made this blog bcoz i have so many things to express(nama pun blog kan)
but i dont know where to start.but from time to time,i'll update my blog.hopefully...:)
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