Sunday, May 30, 2010

KMS rocks!! Part II.

KMS oh KMS!!!
my new family,my new home,my new life :D
Living in KMS makes me realise that my life is really moving forward.
So i shouldnt look backward.
Day by day,im trying to be a better me in KMS while forgetting all the 'pain' that i got through in the past.the past has really made me strong.& im thankful for that. (^_^)
Now im happy bcoz i have my family && my friends(kwn yg sgt rapat,kwn dkt KMS,kwn kpd kwn saya haha,i love u guys<3)
I have who else do i need?hee..
oh yes! i need no one but them.HAHA
You know ppl always say,time heals everything.i agree with that.
Thats what i really feel.& i really hope this feeling will last.(^_^)
lots of love,XOXO

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