Saturday, July 20, 2013


These are not only the things that we wanna achieve. There are more. Let's work on it everyday :)

Another Expression

It is not worried on the weather,
I know you will always be my sweater,
The looking does not matter,
As long as you and I are together.

The ups and downs that we enjoy,
Still, every bit is happiness and joy,
All the silly things that we do, boy,
I wish there wouldn't be existence of "annoy".

This is what i could do best,
But in my mind is the rest,
To let them make a guess,
So that we can wonder less.

(source : MiaZulkarnain)

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photos Sharing 2 : Accounting & Finance Conference April 2013

The conference was just a one-day-event and it was affiliated by all of Accounting students in UTM.
No many pictures to show & these are what i only got.haha

p/s: I was the MC for the event :D

He's giving a talk on fraud happening in auditing.


Lunch break *happy faces

Chim Wei Wen, the OCP

We present to you, our gwiyomi

All the units that made this event a success.


Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Being in two minds is glued
It happens out of the blue
It appears without we demanding clue

A second you head up to the sky
With serenity and closing eye
And realize it is just another lie

Life offers what you can handle
When by the time you crumble
Never go down and stay humble

Getting stuck on the track
And knowing it is a wreck
Time ticks and says, don't look back!

(Source : miazulkarnain)

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