Monday, December 17, 2012

Newbie again, i guess

Assalamualaikum and good day everyone :) Hmmmm where to start.. okay actually i dont know what has gotten into me tetiba nak continue blogging haha i guess dh bosan dgn tumblr and yg lain2 kot. saje nak sambung balik haha But it's a good thing kan.Kena pada masanya. I'm really stressed out right now dgn final yg dh dekat and assignments yg berlambaknya. So cara nak hilangkan stress other than keluar shopping? Writing blog! :) Shopping is a good therapy but after that stress tu takkan hilang sbb ditambah dgn stress duit hbs brshopping.hehe It's almost the end of 2012. So i need to find new hobby. Harap blogging ni kekal la kot.haha i cant even remember how many times i become newbie dkt blog ni. Asyik stop smbg stop smbg je. haha Anywayss, im not really good at doing this blogging thingy but i'm just gonna post whtv i want and hopefully i have good things to share with all of you :) XOXO
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