Sunday, March 17, 2013

A night with Paramore (Y)

(mencoret entry ni dgn perasaan rindu terhadap saat- saat ini sambil mendengar lagu2 Paramore..)

Tanggal 17 Feb 2013 was the best moment of my life EVER!!! It has always been MY DREAM to go and watch Paramore live.
I still remember they came before this in 2010. i was at matrics. the worst was i was having final exams! hehh how can i go kan?
Time tu disappointed gila. Then my friend said this, 'takpe. kita tinggalkan sesuatu untuk benda yang lebih penting & lebih baik. maybe in the future akan datang yang lebih baik'

It's sooo true. I never thought they would come back. And they came at the perfect time. I was on holidays. Well not really. haha if you guys read my previous entry, How did i spend my semester break? i mentioned about i extended my break. It was for this actually. I was supposed to go back UTM on 13th Feb but since the concert was on 17th, tak balik lagi lah gayanya.

Paling best i met my matric's friend, Leena and her friend Mira :))
*leena, mira, me, pika*

What i bought there. This is a must KOTT. I bought myself a long sleeve of Paramore's shirt. Paling best that was the only one yang tinggal. Apa lagi, memang ambik la and nasib baik it was my size haha kalau bukan my size tak guna la ambik kan haha

she's such a lucky girl!!

*pika, sazrul, me after the concert*

Honestly i mmg obsessed dgn Paramore. one of my dreams came truee!!! harap in the future they will come again. XOXO

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