Saturday, July 31, 2010

Experience oh experience:D

it was one day..yg ter jatuh kt pavi tu.hahaha

mcm ni was midsem break for the first sem in piqa & i,we planned to go around kl to buy some stuff.haha it was on wednesday(god i still remember) kitaorg jalan2 for the whole day.hee
first,pg rumah aunty piqa nk bg barang dulu dkt area sentul.

second,pg times square jalan2 then pg mkn kt situ.gila best.time kitorg like totaly starving.then main bedal je mkn kt situ.sekali ambik kau RM20.haha mkn nasi berlauk kt kedai mmglah mahal kn.

third,jalan2 dkt bb cari2 barang.

then,dh mlm kitorg pg pavi.jalan2 & lepak2 & kitorg mkn cupcake(rinduuu cupcake) then nk balik tu.kitorg balik naik from pavi we had to cross a few roads to get to the monorail.

tak payah nk jauh2.keluar dr pavi tu,with just a few steps i could catch everyone's eye.mana taknya.jatuh tertonggeng tepi divider dlm kereta pun boleh tgk.time tu dhlah sesak gila jalan.the funniest thing was piqa terkejut the time i fell,i could still hear piqa said,"Eh.MIAAAA!!!!"

hahahaha kelakar.dia jadi panik.haha luckily there was this man who was very helpful.he helped me up.hee

*tapi yg semua org xtau is it was MY WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!malu gila kot.
haish but it makes me smile until now whenever i think about it.haha
hopefully it wont ever happen again.XOXO

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