Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Prank!!

Okay.lets start.
This happened in my college.
on 8th of JULY.Tepat pukul 12 in the midnight.
It was my 18th birthday act.
My friends planned all this(piqa,iza,syafiqah,& faiqa)
I was studying in my room
&& piqa tetiba je,"mia,jom pg toilet jap"
i was like,"oh.okay" HAHA i didnt expect anything.
sampai je kat toilet,they were all there.
Guess what?
Diorg simbah air sabun && tempekkn colgate all over me!!HAHA
bgs btl tgh2 mlm terpaksalah mandi.haha mmg berangin rasa satu badan trkena colgate & the best part was i fell just like nangka busuk dlm toilet tu(nangka busuk pun xmcm tu haha)lglah basah satu badan.that night tido bertemankan bau colgate and air sabun yg still xhilg.haha
but it was fun.its so wonderful to get to know friends just like them.Thanks u guys:DD i will never forget it.XOXO

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