Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not good bro, not good.

Have you ever heard or read any captions like this?

"I love him. My only daddy, my everything, my hero, my atm machine, the true love of my life"
At first baca tu macam awwwww then at one point where you'll be like !@$%^&????
Faham tak what i'm trying to say? haha ada satu part tu mmg spoil habis kan.

Seriously atm machine???

Okay okay okay i admit it. Normally dalam keluarga ayah yang akan tanggung or sara keluarga tu kan. but does it necessary to call him as YOUR atm machine?

"I can say whatever i want!kau sibuk apehal!"

okay fine! it's your right because it's your freaking social media, but at least try to put yourself in your father's shoes and know how would he feel if he read that?

Or try pergi survey tanya mana2 ayah dekat luar sana apa diorang rasa? It hurts! It sounds so material. Is that what he is for you?

Think about it.

p/s note to myself as well so that i won't even start.
Thank you for reading! xoxo

 Assalamualaikum :)

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