Saturday, May 4, 2013

Once upon a time, in Singapore..

Assalamualaikum & good day everyone :)

Ni satu perkara fakta yang nak dikongsikan ni. Kalau orang tanya study dekat mana? "Dekat UTM, Johor." Standard la kan bila dah duduk Johor mesti akan ada orang tanya macam ni, "dah pernah pergi Singapore ke?dah dekat dah kan."
Hmmm kena la cakap tak pernah pergi kan. Tapi kini tidak lagii!! :D

At last, i could step my feet to Singapore!!
 One fact about myself is i have never been abroad before. So at least dapat pergi Singapore pun apedehal kan haha :D
I went there under my university's trip,UTM with my 2 friends,Wanie and Ily and lain2 students UTM yang tak kenal.
It was only 1 whole day trip. We departed from UTM around 7.30am.
 From UTM ke Malaysian Immigration it took about 30-40 minutes

          Khusyuk betul tengok peta                         Sakan tak menyembang dengan Wanie?

Half of the way before we reached at the Immigration, we stopped at R&R Gelang Patah for breakfast! Yay! *who doesn't love food?

Perut kenyang suka hati, mari sambung journey ni ewaahh!
Masuk bus then sambung berborak sakan lagi haha
Ingat senang ke nak pergi negara orang ni? Leceh tau tak!!

Bila sampai immigration tu mcm2 kena buat. beratur check passport, scan everything la.
Yang paling best lepas tu we had to go through Singapore Immigration pulak!
Double leceh!
Singapore's security ketat katanya. Akhirnya sampai juga kami. :D

Let's take a tour with me, shall we?

Normal la bila trip in a group ada la arahan dari tourist guide dia haha

We took pictures of the scenery along the way in the bus :)


The 2 pictures above is an abandoned railway station.

Eyes on Singapore
This is a hotel.the best part is the highest level ,the very top up there is  a swimming pool. WHOA!

Where did we go? Actually we went to 3 main places and we didn't miss a chance to walk around the area. :)

1. Bugis Street
This was the first place that we went to. It was like Bukit Bintang in Kuala Lumpur. The environment and the place were the same. Barang semua reasonable and afffordable.
I bought key-chains there.haha barang paling normal untuk dibeli bila melancong kan.
And not to forget I Singapore bags kena beli haha
But seriously Bugis Street is the place for you to buy souvenirs. They have purses, bags, key chains, Singapore shirts etc. and murah!

Nampak tak betapa mcm pelancongnya mereka? haha
Berbundle key chains

When women start shopping hihi

2. Arab Street
Everything is here especially for Muslims. You can find halal food and it is very near to the mosque (Masjid Sultan)
From what i've been told, Masjid Sultan is the oldest mosque in Singapore and has been one of the best spots for tourists.

Arab Street is where the Malay Heritage Centre is located. It shows the culture, the history and etc of Malay Singaporeans. I noticed there was a gallery there but didn't get a chance to enter :)

View dekat sini semua sangat cantik.
It's just that barang sini agak mahal compared to Bugis Street. Key chains & everything mahal. So i suggest you guys to better go to Bugis Street :)

Oh btw i'm wearing kimono top from Alluraboutique :DD

We arrived there at noon. It's lunch hour! *again food.
Halal food is easy to find but looking back in our purse. Oooohhmmmm bawak bekal je. 
Romantik di tengah2 terik tu

The view from the mosque

Hamboiiii kawanku yang comel

Kenapa dengan belakang tu?

I could notice that they loooooveeee using cabs. I mean public transportation. Ada juga nama silver cab, cab tu warna silver maybe tu high standard punya kot.

3. Pulau Sentosa
The place we've been waiting for!!
Pulau Sentosa ni sangat besar.All creations around this island was creative and unique.

Kami dapat kawan baru :D

Tadaaa! ni la aimnyaaa haha tak dapat masuk but dapat bergambar dekat entrance pun apedehal

Tak masuk sebab USS harga and package dia lain pula :)

Wanie:kita nak pergi mana kawan2? Ily: Taktau. nak kanan ke kiri? Mia: Haipp! kita ke belah sana!

We're gonna cross using that bridge!

Way to go!

Yeah we made it! *but how do we go back? kena cross balik

Look back at the previous pictures, the color changed! heheh!

This was the last picture with the rest before we headed back to Malaysia cewaahhh!haha
That's all for now. Thank you for reading! XOXO

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